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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White I had wavered on whether to read this book for awhile. I usually have trouble with books of associations that fight paranormals, or groups like the IPCA. Especially when teenagers work for them. I know, I can accept the paranormal creatures as realistic, but not an organization having teens work for them? I'm weird I guess. :-) But this book is one of the nominees for our state middle school book award, the Truman award. And since last year I helped read for Gateway instead of Truman, I hadn't read it yet, and have decided I need to try to read as many of the books I can. Plus, I checked it out from my school library at the beginning of the summer. Well, I finally picked it up, since I need to return it to the library for the kids to read during the school year. And it was a good book. I enjoyed the story, and the characters. The humor was good, and I liked the re-imagining of some of the paranormal creatures. People always make fun of the vampires sparkling in the Twilight books. But really, anyone who reads paranormal/supernatural type books, almost every author makes "their" monster different in some way, a way that fits their story usually. And depending on the story, and the writing, and all that, I sometimes really enjoy the differences, it makes things less predictable in that regard when you read the stories.Once I started reading I was definitely pulled in, and kept thinking about it when I wasn't reading. So it was definitely a good book. And at some point I do intend to read on in the series.