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Wings - Aprilynne Pike This is the first book by Aprilynne Pike that I have read, and I must say I wasn't disappointed at all! I got a copy of this at the RT Convention back in May of this year. I've actually not really been a fan of fairy or fae stories. Not that I mind when they are in other stories, but I haven't actively sought out those types of stories. I'm finding more and more that maybe it is time to give them more of a chance. I gave this book a pretty high rating, 5 stars, on Goodreads because I picked it up this morning, and pretty much barely stopped until I was done late this afternoon. It was that good. As a former science teacher, I loved how this put science into the mythology behind fairies. Very unique to me, but again, as I haven't read a lot of this type of creature, maybe it's not. You can see the rest of my review at Lisa Loves Literature