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Switched - Amanda Hocking I downloaded this book to my Nook because it was only 99 cents. At first I was only reading it on my iPhone Nook app, and let me tell you, reading a book on an iPhone is not much fun. It is like you turn the page every paragraph! I only resorted to this when I ended up somewhere where I'd had no idea I might need a book. Then, while waiting in line to see the Harry Potter midnight premiere, I didn't want to bring a bunch of books with me. Plus, I was finishing up a book on my Nook, so I just brought my Nook and figured to read whatever was on there when I finished that book. And I decided to read this next. And wow, once I really was able to read it like a real book I was sucked into the story. I really liked this! I see many reviewers have called this a Twilight knockoff. I disagree. I do think that people who enjoyed Twilight will also enjoy this, but to me the story is a bit different. The main character is Wendy. When she was a little girl growing up her mother was never happy with her, and on her 6th birthday, her mother tried to kill her with a knife, saying she wasn't really her child. Her mother was put away into a mental institute, and she lived from then on with her aunt and her older brother who had always kind of been her protector. They've moved around quite a bit due to Wendy not really trying to fit in and the problems she has. At the latest place she's at she meets a boy named Finn, who she can't quite keep her eyes off of, and he can't seem to keep his eyes off of her too. Well, it turns out that he is there to take her to the real world that she belongs in. Her "mother" was actually right all this time. In case you're wondering what "Trylle" means, it means troll, although not trolls in the way we have always described them. And we'll learn more about it in this trilogy, which I've now had to buy the rest of them, still a pretty good price for an e-book, although not the 99 cents. I really enjoyed this, I like the characters, the world she's going into, and somewhat how Wendy is dealing with it. I can totally see her point. Like all these supernatural books lately, she is a teenager, who just wants to have a normal life after all the things she's already been through. My one hope, is that there won't be a big love triangle, as seems to be the "thing" these days. But we'll see as I read on!