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Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer I can understand what some reviews are saying that they don't like about this. But I personally really enjoyed it. I think it was good to have all the background information and to learn so much about the history. Now, I started in really quick, and didn't quite get the probably correct descriptions of some of the characters, and so ones that I was thinking were older are maybe not the way I was thinking, since they seemed to be kind of involved with a younger character, Adne. I'm not sure how I feel about Shay in this one. He's kind of putting a lot of pressure on Calla. I'm really disappointed in Ren as well, but I can totally understand why she is having all the 2nd thoughts about whether to give in to her feelings about Shay, or not give up on Ren. She feels as if she's betrayed Ren, especially after she goes back and finds out what has actually happened to her pack. The story is really sad, but really gripping. I had trouble putting it down. So great book. I felt the same though as with the last few books of the Harry Potter series, or the Twilight series. I had to rush through them to know what happened, but now I have to wait forever to read the next book! That to me is the sign of a great story!