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Aftertime - Sophie Littlefield I got this book as an ARC from the bookstore I work along with the sequel, which I haven't read yet. But I will soon, because I really did enjoy this book. This is another zombie story. But I like that we have started in after all of it has started and it is the "after time". Our main character is Cass, who has just woken up and is not sure exactly why she is where she is, or why she is alive. The surprise in why she is alive is that she has the tell-tale marks of having been attacked by the zombies on her back, and the strips of flesh missing on her arms tells that she was a zombie. Yet now she's not. The only thing on her mind now is finding out where her daughter Ruthie is. Her daughter who she last saw the night she was taken by the zombies. The zombies in this story are a little different, they just want to eat the skin. And they do drink blood, or at least when they see blood it hypnotizes them. These aren't the slow, shuffling zombies really, but they are pretty stupid. At least that's what everyone thinks, although they are beginning to do things that makes people wonder. Cass meets a man named Smoke at the first settlement of people she finds. Smoke agrees to take her back to the library where she was taken to try to find her daughter.She finds out her daughter was taken by a group of women, kind of a cult. And she must find out how to get in to see if her daughter is okay and to rescue her. So that's where the book kind of leaves off for the sequel. And it's a big cliffhanger, so I'll be ready to pick up part two pretty soon.