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The Space Between - Brenna Yovanoff I really enjoyed the first book I read by this author, [b:The Replacement|7507908|The Replacement|Brenna Yovanoff|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51YK5JMd-WL._SL75_.jpg|6911742]. So I knew I would enjoy this one right away, and was excited when I won it from a giveaway here on Goodreads. I was a little disappointed at first that it wouldn't be a sequel to the first book, as I feel that one left open for a sequel. But the premise to this story was really good as well. I was fortunate in that I picked this book up at a time when I actually had some time to read, and I got it all read within about 3 days time, the majority of it yesterday. Once I picked it up and started reading, I was just sucked in and had to know where it was going. What I love about this author's books is that she is so descriptive, and the storyline, background, history of the world, etc., they are all so involved. Even with all the fallen angel stories that are out, and even some now about demons as not so bad of people, this has it's own originality. The main character is Daphne. She lives in Pandemonium, which is a city in Hell. The interesting thing about this city is that when they open the furnaces of hell, everything burns. They must close doors and windows and cabinets to protect things that are not from that city. Daphne is the daugher of Lillith, a demon, and Lucifer, the devil. She has many half brothers and sisters, most are demons like her mohter, but one is her brother Obie. Obie has gone to earth, but he chooses to save lost souls, whereas her sisters choose to take from the men. We begin with a boy showing up in Pandemonimum bleeding and lost. Obie helps to save him, and then afterwards, Obie chooses to go live on Earth to stay, as he has fallen in love. When Daphne's mother sees that Obie disappears, she sends Daphne to earth to find him, as Lillith cannot go herself. Daphne still feels a connection to the boy who her brother saved, his name is Truman. And she feels that he may have an idea to where her brother might have disappeared. So she goes to Truman (I love that this is the character's name), for help. But it is not safe for Daphne on earth, there is the archangel Azriel who wants to kill and destroy all demons who come to earth, in order to save the humans. Together they must pass through several obstacles and dangers to find Obie, and it is possible that they may not all survive. But who will give their life for love?