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"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman - Harlan Ellison, Rick Berry I read this book after hearing about an author challenging the movie In Time that comes out next week starring Justin Timberlake. The movie is about people only living until the age of 25, and for any time after that they work to earn it. Living until 25 though, means that you don't age past that. You pretty much look that age as long as you have time. You get paid in time, you pay for things in time. It looks like a really interesting movie. I can see how the idea could have come from this short story, but honestly, the movie looks to have gone in a bit different direction. The people in the book are killed if they are late or waste time. It doesn't talk about using time as currency or only living till a certain age. So while I can see the basis of the idea, I don't see the actual whole plot of the movie in this short story. The story is kind of weird and hard to follow, something many other reviewers on here like about it. And I can understand that. But it wasn't really enjoyable to me to read. I liked the idea behind it, but wish it had made more sense.