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The Death Cure - James Dashner I think this was a good follow up/conclusion to the Maze Runner series. It had lots of suspense and action. We got to see almost all the characters again, and see how they ended up. We got some more information on why the gladers were chosen, about being immune to the Flare, etc. I wish we'd had more time with Teresa, still not sure how I feel about her. Also, without giving anything away, I wish we'd been able to get Thomas's memories back and know more about what happened. The good thing is that there is supposed to be a prequel, and I'm looking forward to reading that and hopefully learning all the things that are still stuck in my mind. I purchased a copy of the book that had some "classified" documents in the back, and so I believe that probably gave a little hint to what will be in the prequel and what happened before we jumped right into the middle of the story in Maze Runner. As I said, a good read, I'm sure most people who enjoy this series will be satisfied with how it ended.