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Pure - Julianna Baggott I saw this ARC on the table at the Barnes & Noble where I work, and at first didn't think it could be YA as big of a book as it was. But I picked it up and read about it, and thought it sounded right up my alley. And I'm very glad I picked it up. I've not read any of this author's other books that she wrote under other names, but they don't necessarily sound like my type as I see what they were, one name is N.E. Bode, who I have seen those books, the other name is Bridget Asher. But, I will definitely be awaiting the next book in this series because I really liked this one, and am eager to see where it goes next. It's a definite dystopian, end of the world novel. I like that in this case the heroine, Pressia, is not perfect, in fact no one in this world outside the Dome is perfect. She's scarred, and burned, from the detonations, and like everyone else, she has fused to something that she was in contact with when it happened. Her arm has a baby doll as her hand. She lives with her grandfather, and as she is getting close to the age of 16, she is worried about being taken by the OSR to serve in the army to fight against the Dome. The Dome that sent messages right after the detonations that they would be back to help and save them some day. Yet, this has not happened. And the people outside have turned on those inside, hating the "Pures". Even creating nursery rhymes about catching and killing them to breathe the dust from their ashes to cure themselves. Pressia escapes when the OSR comes from her, only to run into the Pure who has left the Dome on purpose. His name is Partridge, and he has left because he believes that his father lied, and his mother survives somewhere out in the wastelands. Together Pressia and Partridge turn to a rebel named Bradwell for help. There are run ins with the OSR, and secret links to the Dome, man made special forces that are more animal than human. And while they think they've found what they've been looking for, have they really, or have they just found more questions and more reasons for revenge against the dome?I liked how the science, realistic or not, was brought into the story. I liked that the main character, Pressia, is not a perfect beautiful outcast like in other books. Her romantic partner isn't either, he was fused with birds on his back. While I will admit it was a bit long at times, it all worked out, and there wasn't a time when I was bored. I was always eager to get back to it when I'd had to put it down. I don't know that it is "the next Hunger Games" but I do think that people who enjoyed that series will be interested in this. It is it's own type of book. As one quote on the cover says, it is more apocalyptic than Hunger Games really. And, as usual, the problem with reading ARCs is that then I have even longer to wait to read the next installment in the series!