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Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer Okay, I see there is a TON of controversy and dislike on this book, so I have to post my review here as well as on my blog. I loved the first book in this series. The 2nd was kind of slow, but I could see how it was necessary. This one was much better in lots of action and a REAL conclusion to the story. It's not one of those stories that are supposed to be a trilogy, but then at the end, all of a sudden it isn't quite over so we go on. My thought to those authors is to not call it a trilogy, call it a series. Even just to be safe. Anyway, beyond that. I will admit I am totally Team Ren, not Shay. But then again, I'm not Calla. It's like with Twilight, the book. If Bella had ended up with Jacob, that would have been wrong. And I'm only Team Jacob because of Taylor Lautner, and only after New Moon, so I'm more Team Jacob for me, than for Bella. I feel this book had a very logical ending. And I'm okay with who Calla ended up with, and with the way it happened. I loved all the different places they had to go to get the pieces for Shay to use to defeat the Keepers, and his uncle, who was actually a demon. Definitely some of the characters who died in this were some that were my favorite, but I compare that to Harry Potter, in that it seems more realistic, (yeah, I know this is fiction) if not everyone miraculously lives through it all. Plus, it adds more emotion and makes you feel more connected, I think. As I said before, I like that there was a very firm, no question about it, ending. While the Rift may be closed, they do also let on at the end that it doesn't mean all bad magic is over, just that it can't come from that evil anymore. I don't want to say too much that might give away the ending. And I can understand why some people were upset about it, I just don't agree with them. I understand their point about it not really being Calla's "choice" how it all ended up, but really, that was her choice seemed to be leaning towards, so....The one complaint someone mentioned that I totally agree with, is the cover. I loved the original hardcover artwork , and am not a fan of the new covers, this book does actually make Calla look a lot older than she is.Nightshade I do look forward to the prequel. I think that will be neat to go back and see how it began.