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The White Oak - Kim White First thanks to Netgalley for letting me read this egalley.Now, I really have been getting into stories about the underworld lately. So this sounded like a unique new take on it. As other reviewers have said, the story jumps right in from the first page. The main character is Cora and she and her family are sucked into a sinkhole as they surround her father's casket at a funeral for him. Her father was a mean, abusive man. And now all Cora can think is that not only did he terrorize her in life, he's ruining her life even as he is dead. The whole farm they live on is on top of an immense cave system. She and her brother Lucas have spent their days exploring the cave. While Cora survives the sinkhole somehow, Lucas does not. Cora is met by a machine type object called Minotaur. Minotaur can change into anything, and he rescues her. But Cora soon wonders if she can trust him after being taken in by a woman named Sybil. Sybil writes people's stories. But she gives Cora the pen that writes them and tells her to go on and finish her story when it is destroyed in a fire. Sybil also tells Cora she will find her brother, even though he is dead. When Cora gets to the river before the Underworld, her brother is waiting for her. He helps her to get across the river and through the gates. But once through he is taken to where he is supposed to go, or so he thinks. He has been taken by Minotaur and his father/creator Minos. They use Lucas's genius programming skills to get him to stay. But Cora is captured and taken to trial. Now, the story is interesting. However, so far I am a little confused. First, Minos, is this supposed to be the Minos from the myths? Or did I read that wrong? Second, I'm not sure about the whole computer programming bit, and how it ties in. And I have to say that the end is a HUGE cliffhangar, but so very abrupt! I guess it makes me REALLY glad that the 2nd book in the series is supposed to come out later this year, although I don't see it listed here on Goodreads. So, interesting take, just I'm a little confused about what exactly is going on. I did see another review compare it to the Matrix, and that kind of makes sense in that I did have a little confusion with the whole Matrix movie series.