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Ascend (Trylle Trilogy #3) - Amanda Hocking Once again I was not disappointed. This book had romance, suspense, and even some new mythology about the Trylle or trolls. We start off right before Wendy's birthday, where she'll officially become princess as well as get married to Tove. She doesn't love Tove, but they're friends, and know that they can work together, and that may be just what the Trylle need to save them. However, Wendy's father Oren doesn't seem to be patient, he wants to rule all the trolls, and has started attacking the Trylle establishments. So Wendy must go find out why and find a way to stop him, at least until she can figure out how to get rid of him, since he obviously will not see reason. Loki is back after being beaten by her father for not doing his job of bringing Wendy back willingly or unwillingly, and he is asking for amnesty. Wendy grants it, and realizes maybe they can use him to figure out a way to beat her father. The marriage to Tove is only in name, and no romance there whatsoever, not even on the wedding night. But Loki is always flirting with Wendy, and Wendy begins wondering about her feelings for him. Finn has gone off with the Trackers, and since he's basically told her they can't be together, she's given up on him. Although he seems to catch her with Loki, and be jealous, while also scolding her for treating her "husband" that way. So now we have a love "square"? instead of a love triangle. The one thing I didn't want. Although, truly, there is no love between Tove and Wendy, and neither one are upset by it. And Wendy can say goodbye to Finn, because he basically refuses to be with her. But she has to decide if her love for Loki is really true, and enough to mess with the royal marriage. She becomes queen because her mother does die after using all her energy. I liked the way it ended, gave us a bit of the after story, enough to satisfy my need to know what happens next. A great trilogy, and I look forward to reading more books by Amanda Hocking.