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Department Nineteen - Will Hill I didn't finish this, but not because it isn't a good book. I was able to get it from Netgalley, and I wanted to read what it was about. I really liked it, and as others have said, it is a boy book for sure. I didn't finish it though, because I kind of got the gist of what it was about, and exactly what students I would recommend it to. I think it sounds like a great series, so I will definitely be recommending it. I just had so many other things I wanted to read right now, that I decided to pass on it. But I would probably have given it at least a 3, based on some uniqueness it seemed to have, and the way it even pulled in the whole Dracula story and put a bit of a twist on the history of it. So it is a good book, don't let my not finishing it keep you from reading it! And I may read it again at some point in the future, just not right now.