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Stung - Bethany Wiggins I was unsure on whether to give this book a 4 or 5 on Goodreads, but I ended up rounding up, as this book had so many unique and kind of realistic (science-wise) ideas, and, when I put it down, I wondered what would happen next. Now, while I think it definitely ended in a way that worked, and it could definitely be a stand alone novel, I think they threw in a little bit at the very end that means it might go on. So we'll see.The premise of this story you might be able to kind of guess from the title, "Stung", as well as the picture on the cover. It has to do with insects, bees to be exact. Most people have heard that we have a possible situation with bees being endangered animals. And as a science teacher, I hope that people realize just how bad it would be if they did go extinct. Now, I'm not a big fan of any kind of insect. I scream like a girl and hate having to kill bees or wasps or spiders. Or the nasty house centipedes I first learned about when moving into my current house a few years ago. But, again, as a science teacher, I do realize how important "bugs" are to the whole world. And bees in particular. Okay, enough about that, and more about the story.To read the rest of my review go to Lisa Loves Literature.