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The Collector - Victoria Scott I got to meet the author of this book and get a copy at the RT Convention this past May. I'd been following the author, Victoria Scott, for awhile, I believe on Twitter? On her blog and such for sure. So I had to get this when I saw her. Now, it sounded like a really interesting story, and I was excited to read it. But, and this is the only bad thing about it, when I got started reading, I had a bit of trouble getting into it at first. I just didn't think I'd like this cocky, arrogant soul collector named Dante. But, as I had lots of time to read this on this past Saturday, enough so that I read the whole thing in one day, you can guess that eventually, and actually, pretty quickly, I was hooked. I liked the way this Dante was pretty honest about what he was doing, and it wasn't like a "love at first sight" even though she was really dorky he could tell she was really cool and perfect for him. That happens so often in books that it gets old really quick. In fact I recently had to give up on a book that started like that. This book was true and honest to what the characters would be like in my opinion. If you want to read my full review go HERE.