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The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater Wow, just almost don't know how to start this review. Once again I really loved a book by this author. It was the one book that I really wish I'd had the money to go to BEA last summer just to get. But I didn't. And so I spent all summer entering every contest I could to try to win one. But no such luck. Then, finally, I found it available on Netgalley, thanks to the wonderful Scholastic!! But shortly after that, I found it on YA Book Exchange, the ARC, so I had to come up with a trade for it, so I could have the matching books. My saddest thought at this moment? How long do I now have to wait for book 3, and I've finished this book the day after it came out?Check out my full review at Lisa Loves Literature