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Everbound - Brodi Ashton This book was a quick one to get back into. There was a little bit of a recap of what happened, Jack went to the tunnels for Nikki at the end of the first one, so as you would expect, Nikki is now looking for a way to get back down there and save him. And until she can, she is doing what she can to help keep him alive, the way he did for her, she dreams every night of him. We learn more about the Everneath, and the Everlivings, as well as what it takes to get humans down there, and how the Shades actually do what they do. The end, wow, it was a twist! Can I say I didn't quite see what happened? I knew that something was up with how the findings from the search ended up. Just didn't see that happening. So, now, don't know how I'll wait till 2014 to read it!If you want to read the rest of my review, go to Lisa Loves Literature